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Episode 20

Published on:

13th Jul 2022

On Inspiration: Art, Dreams, Life and Poetry! An interview with Amanda Lux

Last episode of the season! 

In this last episode before a short break, I invited Dzhan Wiley back on the show again to interview me! 

I share what inspires me artistically and we discuss the origins of this podcast, where it is heading, how I used to want to be a guitar when I grew up, my new art vlog on YouTube, and we even share a poem we co-wrote about inspiration. 

I am so grateful for all I have learned and all of you who have tuned in for the first 20 episodes! I look forward to returning with fresh content in the fall of 2022 for season two! 


Welcome dreamers, seekers, empaths, and healers! My name is Amanda Lux of the Elevation Hive school and community membership for energy medicine and dreamwork. In this podcast, I share teachings, musings, poems, songs, and interviews with other amazing humans who walk the healer's path. Go to Elevationhive.com for free classes and all the things.

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I love to read them. 

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Alone/All One theme song written and performed by Amanda Lux

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A Lone Traveler's Guide to the Divine
For explorers of DreamWork and Energy Medicine
Welcome dreamers, healers, empaths, seekers, and anyone interested in exploring what it means to be a soul on your journey, in these times.

This podcast is a place to come home to in the sanctuary of the great mystery, where the subtler things in life are seen and listened to, where healing is possible through the sharing of poetry, dreams, teachings, interviews and inspiration. This is a place to feel held in sacred community.

Because it can be lonely AF traversing the multiverse, evolving, awakening, harnessing the potency of our dreams, exploring the tools and techniques of energy medicine.

And it takes tremendous courage to tune-in stead of tune-out, to be a light bearer who faces the shadow through conscious exploration, daring to activate our highest potential.

But it is the kind of work that is worth doing. And it is so much more fun, interesting, profound and entertaining when we do it together!

Hosted by Amanda Lux; artist, mother, author, registered polarity educator and founder of the Elevation Hive School and Community for Energy Medicine and DreamWork.

Tune in every new and full moon for meditations, energy balancing and embodiment practices based in Polarity Therapy, dream sharing and fascinating conversations about what it means to live awake in this dream called life.

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Amanda Lux

I am an artist, author, mother, educator and creator of the Elevation Hive School of Energy Medicine and DreamWork. My greatest desire is to be in conscious community with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to personal growth and evolving themselves in service of the collective.

I also love quality coffee, Ashtanga yoga, traveling the cosmos and introverting with my small but mighty dog, Miss Riley Rose.

If you enjoy this podcast you should head over to elevationhive.com and check out our private community membership where we have a dream sharing forum and free classes galore. I read and personally respond to every dream shared because, well, that's probably my biggest passion!