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Episode 7

Published on:

2nd Jan 2022

Co-Creating in partnership: An exploration into making art with a partner and partnering with the spirit of your art

Episode Summary

Recorded on new years eve 2021-2022 Amanda Lux & her partner Christopher Gerber discuss their month long eco-art residency in Puerto Rico, the ups and downs of creative collaboration, and share some of their epic adventures along the way. 

This episode not only explores the spiritual journey of two artists co-creating with each other, but also the magic and synchronicity of partnering with the soul of their art as well through Conscious DreamWork. 

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The wild adventure of being mostly alone in a massive hotel resort under construction for an entire month without plumbing (kind of like the shining but without any violence and a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea)
  • The meaning behind their four story tall murals that focus on both preserving local ecology and dreamwork
  • The power of dream seeding and the amazing synchronicities involving how Amanda and Christopher met, bee shamanism, coral spawning and dreams
  • How Amanda overcame her lifelong fear of heights through dreamwork with the support of her incredible partner 
  • How becoming conscious of and changing behavioral patterns in relationship is the key to having a new experience instead of recreating old ways of relating
  • How through conscious dreamwork, you can journey to the soul of your art projects for healing, deeper connection and insight

Resources mentioned in this episode

Learn more about Christopher Gerber's and his non-profit A.W.E at artistswithecology.org

Music by LesFree Music

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