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Episode 11

Published on:

2nd Mar 2022

5 Tips for Receiving Guidance from your Dreams

Episode Summary

In this episode, Amanda Lux shares five tips for receiving guidance from your dreams through the practice of dream seeding.

The average person spends one third of their lifetime sleeping and dreams for hours every single night, yet many of us don't remember our dreams or know what to make with them when we do.

Whether you are a longtime seasoned dream worker or brand new to this concept this episode will cover some of the key components to engaging in an empowered dreamwork practice.

Some key points covered in this episode:

  • Learn how to increase your ability to recall your dreams with better sleep practices
  • How to create sleep rituals that support restful, peaceful, deep sleep
  • How to better capture your dreams and record them and why you want to if you aren't already
  • Working with guides and spirit allies for more supported dream inquiries
  • How to compose a dream seed (also known as dream incubation) so you can divine guidance from your dreams

Amanda also shares a power dream of her own that came in the form of what could be considered a nightmare. She then discusses how she worked with this dream directly to dialogue with the characters and transform her fear into empowerment and shares how anyone can do this! (Yes, even you).

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